Sunday, 26 June 2016

Meeting 1st July!

Greetings everyone, hope that you have had a good couple of weeks. It is our final (!) meeting of the year (academic that is!) next Friday. We will have our AGM which shouldn't take too long and then we can have a play with whatever we are up to at the moment. Please bring in your felted pieces (that you made with Mel in June) as we would all love to see how each other's turned out.

We will update all members on themes for the new year at NNS and dates for further meetings so if you can attend please do as we might not see each other until September otherwise. Plus don't forget if you want to add any posts to the blog feel free especially throughout August if you are visiting anywhere interesting to tell members or if you are working on something and would like to showcase it or ask for advice. I can always add things to the blog for you if you wish, just email me with all that you want me to add.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday!

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