Sunday, 30 August 2015

Back to mushrooms!

Greetings everyone, thought that I would add a post before the new term starts.
Don't forget we have our first meeting of the new sewing year on Saturday 5th September which I believe will be the AGM. I'll check on this but am sure that is right.
But I have been back to looking at mushrooms. I do like the shapes and the patterns and the colours! So decided to do something a little different with them and sort of a brighter picture. I wanted it to be like the end of the day just as the sun goes down.


I was quite pleased with the result. I was well pleased with my butterfly too. I used the paper that was made from old denim jeans that I had for basically nothing from a lady at the Cardiff CIA show a few years ago. She was almost giving it away because she said it was so fragile. I had previously used it to add modelling paste to- it's one of the samples on the modelling paste day we did. So thought that I would try and do something with it!

Not sure what to do next as might have exhausted the mushroom theme for a while! I am sure that I will go back to it though.
Hopefully see you all Saturday!

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Check out the new links opposite. Textile Artist have lots of articles featuring very different artists from different areas of textile art. Mr Finch has a wonderful site full of his natural art- he creates amazing butterflies, bees, mice and of course my favourite the mushrooms. It's fascinating and beautiful work, please check them out!

Ripples and Stones

Had a wonderful day back in July making a felted piece with ripples and stones!
I have now finished my picture and am well pleased with the results. I did mount it on black velvet which is new as I tend to avoid black because it's not always easy to see when you are sewing or embellishing it.
Funnily enough I thought that the picture would look much more like woodland because of the colours that I used and the felt was created using natural materials (when dying). But the end result reminds me more of sand and the sea. I think its the stones that change the look of it. It reminds me now of the ripples in the sand when the sea goes out.


Also went to Crafts in the Bay recently and there were some lovely free machine flower pictures there by Sue Atkins. Also loved some of the glass work they had on display there. There were also samples of Claire Cawte's scarves using the technique that she showed us.
Well that's all for now. Hope everyone is being busy and creating lovely things to use in the Autumn. I'd love to see them- perhaps you can post them here on the blog. Loved seeing Mel's work, so beautiful. Enjoy the sun while it lasts although I do also love Autumn for the colour.
Happy stitching ! I'll have to find something else to sew now!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Anniversary Gift


These are photos of a piece of work I made to celebrate my sister and her husband's 30th Wedding Anniversary.  It took 6 weeks to complete and although you can add and keep on adding stitching, running out of time in which to get it finished is a good way of knowing "that's it!".  I was very pleased that they loved it and I love them both very much! xxx