Saturday, 6 February 2016

update on the embellished box!

Haven't got the pictures of the bag embellishing off my phone yet but will do tomorrow!
Thought I would post pictures of the top of the box now its finished (on the painting side). I still have to sew my little face that is going to go inside the circular pendant thingy at the top of the box but I have finished the painting of the top. I added some silver gilding wax which really brings our some of the lines from the paintwork and also the edges of the items that were glued onto the top.
Will post the pictures of the bags in progress (that I managed to take on Friday) tomorrow!

Monday, 1 February 2016

Bag finished!

Yeah managed to finish off my bag from Sheila's workshop. Laminating it was quite strenuous (lots of ironing!) and I'm not sure that I managed to iron it on enough but it wasn't too bad to sew, just a little bit cumbersome.
But I created the lining and stitched up the bag this evening. Very pleased with my finished bag, it was a bit tough to turn through mind with the laminate on. I will do this again I think with perhaps a different pattern to make it more like a shopper type bag as I really do like the look of it and think it will be really durable as a shopper.

Many thanks Sheila on a great workshop!