Thursday, 4 August 2016


Update on the felting
Thank you everyone for bringing in your finished felted pieces. It was delightful to see them fully "shrunk" and so interesting to see how they turned out. I am always fascinated by how much the felt shrinks and the textures that it creates.
Here are some photos of the pieces that we finished. Makes for an interesting section of an exhibition I think !

Keep felting through the Summer break! I wish I had the space but it's a challenge for me and I get water everywhere ! I am still working on my nuno felted pieces and thinking about what to add to them or how to change them up a bit. Not sure if they need it so might end up posting the pieces as they are after a few investigations into what to put on them ! Never mind it's all fun!

oo here are some pictures of Mel's weaving over a stone. I really like this and think we could make up a rockery of different stones with different effects on. Would make a fabulous installation type display if we could think of different ways or decorating a stone and combine them all together....?

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