Sunday, 5 June 2016

Felting day

Had a wonderful day Nuno Felting on Saturday. A huge thank you to Mel for a fabulous day. I certainly learnt loads as my pieces actually felted! I've never had much success with this process but I needed the right inspiration!

It does seem amazing but we're almost at the end of another Not Necessarily Sew year. Next meeting in July will be our last of the year. So with that in mind please could you all have a think about what types of things you would like to do over the next year- workshops, themes, mini makes etc. The theme of textured surfaces sounds like a good one as we can all do something different and how you create your designs and fabrics is up to you. We could look for some specific surfaces (Nuno felting could be one of them!) and perhaps look to do workshops on that technique- such as layering or dissolvable, heavy machine stitching etc.?
Any ideas for perhaps guest tutors that would be in keeping with this theme would be welcome too.

Here are some pictures of the felting.... Mine went into the washing machine and came out half the size! I didn't subject the alpaca ones to the washing machine as I listened to Mel who said that it might not be a good idea and I'm glad I did. They have dried well fluffy though as I obviously didn't felt them enough!
One side of Angela's amazing shawl

 Averil decided to use her embellisher to create her vibrant felted picture.

I'll photograph this piece as it is now- after the washing machine, it's a lot smaller!

Mel's beautiful seascape that she created by wet felting.

An amazing day, please bring your felted items to the next meeting so that we can see what they look like after they had dried and shrunk!

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