Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Within these walls

Had a wonderful stitchy time at our January meeting. So many wonderful items made and still being worked on. I have to say that there are so many different viewpoints and ideas going on, I am inspired and then want to change everything I have done! But then that's why we work so well together!

The theme for the day was Within These Walls. I was going for more of a realistic style wall thinking of using the flour and gesso pieces I made last year and others were looking at more textured pieces or using threads to create the layers.

Here are a few photos of what everyone was doing .....

Averil has finished her piece on cracks. Loving the textures and stitching. Beautiful and so effective.

Also more wonderful book covers have been completed. Thank you to Pauline for her wonderful tutorial. The covers are so diverse and wonderful. This is Averil's book cover, I love the stencilling and the Autumn colours and textures. I can't wait to see what you do inside Averil.....

Caroline took a very different approach and layered her book pages to create a longer book. It would be an amazing  wall panel. The  colours used look like old leather. The wording is a tribute to a very well loved character from Game of Thrones... do you know it ??? 
I absolutely love this and am so taken with the way you have made your book, such a wonderful idea Caroline.

Mel used texture paste and wonderful colours to create a watery, underwater theme to her book cover. I love the stencil you've used, the texutres just pop off the cover and make it look more like fish scales or skin. Again what is going to go inside ???? 

Mel also used the same stencil to create a very different effect using different colours and tones. I love the colours and the way you have created such a mystical look. We are so going to have to have a day working on the insides of these books! 

Some of us started our Within These Walls pictures. I only have a few - sorry- Please can you bring your pieces with you to the next meeting so that I can take more photos! I've not started mine yet. I was going to go for the realistic wall idea which had a big crack across it and then I was going to join the two pieces together with some webbing or holes and threads. I've totally changed my mind on this and am now working on a more abstract idea on Within These Walls- not based on actual walls at all! But we'll see if that gets going it's only dancing around my brain at the moment! 

Ellen was working on some lovely textures using fabrics, I am very curious as to how this is going to turn out. Would love to see what happens next .....

Loving the colours on the painted background too- how is this going to work together???

Sheila was experimenting with Kozo fibres. I bought some of these years ago but didn't really know how to use them so am very interested to see what you do with them. Here is the beginning picture and I await the next step in the February meeting! 

Caroline also showed us her wonderful cuff that she has made from a piece that she hand felted. I love the shape and the beautiful stitching that you have used. This is gorgeous.

So much going on ladies ! I'm loving all the different projects. I appologise if I have not added photos of anything that you wanted me to display. If so please bring your pieces with you to our February meeting and I'll take the photos then.

Here's to a busy fortnight before our next meeting. Can't wait to see how things have developed! 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Paper Stitch piece

Well since I'm on here thought I would post my paper piece.
I had started to create a face using torn pieces of paper on a canvas which I quite enjoyed doing. I added a little warm colour just to the cheeks but the colour did spread out since I used the same brush for the glue!

I was worried she was a little thin in the face so I made her face a little more rounded and when I cut her out she did seem a lot better.

I created the background by just tearing lots of different types of paper and ironing them to calico using bondaweb. There were a few loose ends however but I opted to solve them by adding stitching.

I did like the rough feel of the paper. I wanted to add the face but wasn't sure where and then there was an awful lot of empty space. I had thought of adding more faces and have been quite taken by textile artists that just create line drawings in stitch. So I thought it would be interesting to just draw out the faces but not colour them so that the only colour was my torn paper girl.
I must admit that I really liked the effect and am quite taken with this line drawing in a darker thread.

The background however still needed something to fix in all the loose ends of the torn paper and something to tie it all together. So I opted to have a go at script and put it sideways to make it look more like a pattern. Also I used a brown thread to push it back into the background as I didn't want to overshadow the faces. I chose a quote by Helen Keller as I really liked it! 
It says

The best and most beautiful things in the world
 cannot be seen or even touched 
- they must be felt with the heart.

Here is the finished piece. I don't think that I want to add anything further to it.

Please let me have copies or bring along your paper stitched pieces with you to the next meeting and I can post them here. If you would like to add any commentary about how you made your piece that would be wonderful too.

Meeting- 6th January

Happy New Year everyone! 
Can you believe it is the start of another year. How time flies!!!

Well the first meeting of the new year has the title Within These Walls. I am going to have to have a good think about what that means for me. I've not done a Pinterest Board on that topic either so might have to have a little research look-see.

Hopefully everyone had a lovely restful Christmas and are ready for the year ahead. Hopefully everyone can make it and we can have a look at any updates on the work you have started- I've finished my paper and stitch piece which I'm quite pleased with. Please bring with you anything you would like me to add to the blog to either your pictures sections or the posts.
I'm still working on the Cracks piece although I might leave that one for a bit as I'm a little stuck with it and try and move onto this topic instead.

If I receive any more information I'll add it here but looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.
Take Care!!!