Saturday, 11 June 2016

Felting again!

Well after a few days my final pieces of felting did decide that they didn't want to be felted any more and started breaking up! I think it was because I used too much silk and not enough alpaca or wool as Mel said that silk does not felt. So decided to go over it on the embellishing machine and add some more wool to the background. This seems to have worked lovely and has blended the colours a little more. I did go over the black and white one as well and thankfully it didn't change the nature of the threads and patterns.
But now I have a dilemma, do I add to these pieces or let them stand as they are and how to I present them. I am thinking of adding some structural elements to them, using maybe some natural type wools or a bit of weaving in sections as I do have some holes (which I wanted!).

I did pop to IKEA today to see that there was a little display (after the tills) by Cardiff university students. They had pictures made using dissolvable and weaving around the theme of seating. They were very good and worth looking out for if you are thinking of wandering around IKEA!

But have been having a few thoughts about next year too. Is there any possibility we could link up with another textile group??? I'm asking as I'm busy making some paper based Artist Trading Cards. They are fun to do but you need to swap them with others or you can put them up for sale. Would a fun thing to have a go at perhaps for an evening meet up.

Well here's the felting after needle embellishing. Not sure if the picture will show much difference but it definitely merged the colours on the brown one. Am still thinking of adding something to that one as I don't think it has enough focus to stand alone. Would have happy to receive any comments or advice!

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