Thursday, 26 May 2016

Nuno Felting day

Update on the June meeting
To confirm the June meeting will be on Saturday 4th January
It will feature Nuno felting with Mel.

Learn how to create beautiful nuno felted pieces -I will be so happy if my felting looks even a little bit like Mel's sample that she showed us!

The requirements are the same as below but it is on Saturday
hope to see everyone there!
I'm looking forward to it as its my post inspection outing. Hopefully I'll manage to do things right as at the moment I am so tired I'm doing so much wrong, I'm dropping everything or just not hearing things properly. I'm getting on everyone's nerves as I'm so drippy at the moment! Still it will be fun and I'm looking forward to getting back into the textiles!

See you there !
Oh a reminder -please bring with you any items that you made last meeting so that I can take photos for the blog! Thank you!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Meeting June

Nuno felting

Next meeting we have Mel helping us to create some wonderful nuno felted fabric. I am so looking forward to this as I don't felt well. I seem to trying to felt my fibres for ages and they never want to blend together. Others just give it a roll and hey presto instant felt!
So I am really looking forward to learning how to do this as I really love the delicate nature of the fabric created and also how to use the fibres to create such lovely designs.

Mel has sent me a list of materials that we will need so here is it.
I am not sure whether we will be going for the Friday evening (3rd June) or the Saturday all day (4th June). I'll post the date as soon as I know.
But here are the requirements

Nuno Felt - Material List                

  • Fleece/Wool tops
  • Fibres -  silk, bamboo, soya, flax, thread, etc
  • Fabric - scrim, muslin, organza, silk etc or scarf (not tight weave)
  • Table cover
  • Large towel (to help mop up spills)
  • Large piece of voile or net
  • Large Jug or bowl to hold water
  • Soap (olive oil soap, soap flakes, liquid soap, or washing up liquid)
  • Rubber gloves if you don’t like getting your hands wet
  • Bubble wrap large enough to hold the fabric you are working on.  A second piece; can be same size or slightly smaller.
  • Although not necessary, a long, narrow tube or stick; broom handle diameter to roll bubble wrap around.
  • Scrap bubble wrap/small pieces to cut up if you want to
  • Scissors to cut bubble wrap
  • Plastic bag to carry wet items home
Mel has a selection of fleece

Can't wait to give it a go,

Send me your photos!

So sorry I had to miss the last meeting. I have been playing host to wonderful government inspectors in work. It's been a pretty busy time and quite stressful as all such things are no matter how prepared you think you are. But hurrah they are gone now and I hope they are happy. Have to wait a while to find out but hopefully it all went ok. I am now almost back in the land of the living although horrendously tired. I am falling asleep as soon as anything good comes on the television. Not fair - I've missed so many Say Yes to the Dress episodes!

But I know that everyone had a piece of linen to create some wonderful stitchery. I've not seen anyone's work but would love to. If you have finished them or even if you haven't could you bring them to the next meeting or email me a photo so that I can add them to the blog. I will be very jealous of all your lovely creations of course but I would love to put them on here for everyone to see.
I can be more on the ball with the blog now so if there is anything that you want me to add-
any events that you know of that would be useful for the  group to go to
any ideas that we could add to classes (especially as it's coming to the end of our calendar so new ideas will be welcome for next year's programme)
any work that would like to show or ask advice on- any techniques or new books that would be useful for members
 or even
any social events that you would like to invite us to- always available for coffee and biscuits!

Many thanks !

Gelli printing

Had a lovely day (once I found the venue- I am so useless with sat nav!) Gelli printing with Sheila.
I've done lots of gelli printing before and I am beginning to get the hang of it now. I have to say that I started with my favourite colour yellow as I think well it can be turned into so many other colours can't it!
But over printing and adding bits and bobs - well I just love the gelli block and I get totally carried away once I start. I think that the acrylics you use can make a difference though as I am going off the acryla range which I find quite plastic like so was much happier with these prints as I used Paper Artsy chalk paints which I really love.

Anyways- we printing loads on paper and fabric and then cut them all up and added them to a larger piece of fabric and sewed them. I didn't finish and still haven't ( I blame school inspectors!) but I really enjoyed it. I like the montage effect of patchworking all the different pieces. I am going to stitch something over the top and going to add more bits to it which I can do now the school inspection is over !

Well here are some photos of what we did.

This one was mine- once I'd placed the different pieces onto the background fabric. I've put some stitching over the top but have to do lots more now. I've also decided to add some other bits that I was doing on something else that wasn't working out. But it's a great background and I made that many prints I could do so many more!
Here is Sheila's

Here are some more pieces- apologies Sheila if some of these are yours too ! I didn't put any names on anything I took, they are all fab though!