Wednesday, 30 March 2016


I have joined a painting program online called Life Book which is why the button is now on the right. It's a more positive approach to painting and drawing looking at creating ways of enhancing your feelings and making you think about the good things. Plus you get lots of tips and advice on how to use paints and different techniques. So I thought I would post some of the pictures that I've done on here as lots of people on the site put the process they went through on their blogs. I haven't managed to take photos of the processes yet and I'm a bit snowed under with work but I am hoping that I'll be able to soon. I am sure that you could add fabrics or stitching to the pictures and I've learnt a lot about acrylic paints which is new to me. I just tend to paint them on everything but don't really understand much about them. So its been really good. Plus there are a few meditations you can do which help you with creating pictures and inner strength. I love such things as I truly believe in the power being within you.
So here are some of the pictures that I've done, I have followed the tutors and the workshops and really need to develop my own style but I am sure that will come with the more I do and by learning more too.

Meeting 1st April

Don't forget everyone we have a meeting on 1st April in the evening. It's One Stitch Wonder so I'm guessing we need to take some fabric and threads and of course our one stitch!
Will post more details as I get them!
Can't wait to see everyone. The sun is finally shining so hopefully everyone will have had a lovely Easter Weekend.

Embellishing day flowers!

Thank you everyone for a great last meeting. We were all busy creating our flower designs based around Sheila's workshop. Thank you so much Sheila for a great workshop and a fabulous technique. We were all very into our embellishing and for me a chance to use it as I don't really use my embellisher as much as I should. I did however manage to break a few needles and that was not because I learnt how much they cost to replace! Still I am very pleased with my finished piece and yes I more or less finished by the end of the day. I am getting good!
I chose daffodils because it was March and they are everywhere. They are my favourite flower I have to admit. But everyone chose different flowers and colours and it was all looking so amazing. I don't have any photos of everyone's work though ! It all went away before I had a chance to photograph them all. Please could you email me a photo or bring it along to the next meeting so we can all see what they look like finished. They would make an excellent exhibition all by themselves!
Here is Sheila's original first. I love lilies too but was a bit shy of drawing them ! I am not at all good drawing with the sewing machine straight off. I do like my pencil line to follow. So I drew my design out on the back of the base fabric and stitched it in reverse. It was only a line drawing so I didn't need to worry about colour of threads or textures.

This was my piece with the daffodils. I have finished it but am waiting  for my brother to cut me a length of pole so that I can hang it. I will post a photo when that's done!

This is Mel's piece I managed to photograph hers. It looks amazing I love the colours. Can't wait to see it finished Mel! Please email me a photo or bring it along to the April meeting!

Roll up roll up!

Had a great day at Sheila's workshop in February. We had to create a piece of fabric from different pieces of fabric that involved pleating, tucking and of course rolling. I had great difficulty with the rolling just couldn't get my fingers to do it tight enough! But I was really pleased with the results. We used only white fabrics, thread, lace and crochet lace so we could dye the finished piece. Amazingly for once I managed to finish my piece and so was able to add some dyes. I did think that I could add some more hand stitching to it later but I don't think it needs it. I really like it as it is. Just have to display it now! Thank you Sheila it was a great day and of course in keeping with our possible theme of creating fabric. It's certainly a way that we could create a design collaboratively. We could all add a section to it or create our own separate pieces and stitch them altogether at the end. Would make a marvellous larger piece. I'm really into the fabric manipulation side of things at the moment so perhaps I might try and extend a new piece and just let it grow!
This was Sheila's piece mounted on the slate which looked amazing.
Here is mine before I dyed it. I used an old crochet doily that my mum made for me and then it just grew and grew.

Will definitely try this technique again and perhaps add it to some lace work or anything really. You could start in one place and let it take on its own path !

embellished bags!

Sorry for taking so long to post these pictures but time.... ah it's not my friend! There you go that's my excuse. We had a fabulous evening though back in February making out bags and boxes and embellishing them with whatever we had. Hope you have all finished your items??? I'm nearly there, have finished the outside but need to work on the inside now!
Here are the photos of our work so far. I think they look fabulous and can't wait to see them all finished!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Embellishing day Saturday 5th March

Greetings everyone, so sorry no posts for a while been a bit snowed under with work and everything!
But here are the requirements for Saturday's workshop with Sheila.
We are making an embellished piece so you will need......
Piece of white/cream wool blanket ( have plenty!)
Pieces of undyed scrim, any open weave cotton fabric (white/cream), fine white cream crochet, lace, scraps of white/cream wool tops , old worn cotton sheeting etc  anything you think will embellish into the blanket.
Sewing machine, free foot , extension lead, dark machine thread.
Embellishing machine ( will bring spare) 
Photo/illustration of a Lilly or flower of your choice
Water colour crayons , paintbrushes , pot for water
Pen for marking design

Looking forward to seeing everyone and having a great day embellishing and stitching!
Have a lovely week and see you Saturday