Dates for the new term
I'll add more events or details as I get them !

August - Swansea Festival of Stitch- for anyone interested there are many events taking place around Swansea to celebrate all things stitching! Sheila is doing a workshop there as well.
The festival runs from 5th - 19th August. Website for details is

September          3rd Saturday                       Texture with heat.

October               7th Friday                             Cracks

November          5th Saturday                       Paper and stationery

                                    Experiment with different papers to make backgrounds or motifs. You can still add fabrics and threads and distress them. Making pictures with bondaweb backed paper, or creating papers for a book design- it is up to you! Just bring along some different papers and materials and we'll explore the ways in which we can create, manipulate or make forms from everyday paper! Don't forget you can use wrapping paper, banana paper, silk paper, handmade paper, wrapped paper, paper yarn........If you want to stick with the theme of cracks then just imagine all that peeling paper! Then again you can also add heat and burn holes or sections to give a different look. Oooo the inspiration!

December           2nd Friday                             Christmas

January               7th Saturday                        Within these walls

February              3rd Friday                             Beneath our feet

March                   4th Saturday                        Tutor

April                       7th Friday                              Barking Mad

May                       14th Saturday                      Beaches

June                      3rd Saturday                        Holes

July                        7th Friday                              Exhibition or Open Evening.

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  1. I'm really sorry I won't be there tonight. It sounds like you've got a really great night planned - look forward to seeing all the photos. Px