Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Gelli printing

Had a lovely day (once I found the venue- I am so useless with sat nav!) Gelli printing with Sheila.
I've done lots of gelli printing before and I am beginning to get the hang of it now. I have to say that I started with my favourite colour yellow as I think well it can be turned into so many other colours can't it!
But over printing and adding bits and bobs - well I just love the gelli block and I get totally carried away once I start. I think that the acrylics you use can make a difference though as I am going off the acryla range which I find quite plastic like so was much happier with these prints as I used Paper Artsy chalk paints which I really love.

Anyways- we printing loads on paper and fabric and then cut them all up and added them to a larger piece of fabric and sewed them. I didn't finish and still haven't ( I blame school inspectors!) but I really enjoyed it. I like the montage effect of patchworking all the different pieces. I am going to stitch something over the top and going to add more bits to it which I can do now the school inspection is over !

Well here are some photos of what we did.

This one was mine- once I'd placed the different pieces onto the background fabric. I've put some stitching over the top but have to do lots more now. I've also decided to add some other bits that I was doing on something else that wasn't working out. But it's a great background and I made that many prints I could do so many more!
Here is Sheila's

Here are some more pieces- apologies Sheila if some of these are yours too ! I didn't put any names on anything I took, they are all fab though!

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