Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Send me your photos!

So sorry I had to miss the last meeting. I have been playing host to wonderful government inspectors in work. It's been a pretty busy time and quite stressful as all such things are no matter how prepared you think you are. But hurrah they are gone now and I hope they are happy. Have to wait a while to find out but hopefully it all went ok. I am now almost back in the land of the living although horrendously tired. I am falling asleep as soon as anything good comes on the television. Not fair - I've missed so many Say Yes to the Dress episodes!

But I know that everyone had a piece of linen to create some wonderful stitchery. I've not seen anyone's work but would love to. If you have finished them or even if you haven't could you bring them to the next meeting or email me a photo so that I can add them to the blog. I will be very jealous of all your lovely creations of course but I would love to put them on here for everyone to see.
I can be more on the ball with the blog now so if there is anything that you want me to add-
any events that you know of that would be useful for the  group to go to
any ideas that we could add to classes (especially as it's coming to the end of our calendar so new ideas will be welcome for next year's programme)
any work that would like to show or ask advice on- any techniques or new books that would be useful for members
 or even
any social events that you would like to invite us to- always available for coffee and biscuits!

Many thanks !

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