Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Meeting June

Nuno felting

Next meeting we have Mel helping us to create some wonderful nuno felted fabric. I am so looking forward to this as I don't felt well. I seem to trying to felt my fibres for ages and they never want to blend together. Others just give it a roll and hey presto instant felt!
So I am really looking forward to learning how to do this as I really love the delicate nature of the fabric created and also how to use the fibres to create such lovely designs.

Mel has sent me a list of materials that we will need so here is it.
I am not sure whether we will be going for the Friday evening (3rd June) or the Saturday all day (4th June). I'll post the date as soon as I know.
But here are the requirements

Nuno Felt - Material List                

  • Fleece/Wool tops
  • Fibres -  silk, bamboo, soya, flax, thread, etc
  • Fabric - scrim, muslin, organza, silk etc or scarf (not tight weave)
  • Table cover
  • Large towel (to help mop up spills)
  • Large piece of voile or net
  • Large Jug or bowl to hold water
  • Soap (olive oil soap, soap flakes, liquid soap, or washing up liquid)
  • Rubber gloves if you don’t like getting your hands wet
  • Bubble wrap large enough to hold the fabric you are working on.  A second piece; can be same size or slightly smaller.
  • Although not necessary, a long, narrow tube or stick; broom handle diameter to roll bubble wrap around.
  • Scrap bubble wrap/small pieces to cut up if you want to
  • Scissors to cut bubble wrap
  • Plastic bag to carry wet items home
Mel has a selection of fleece

Can't wait to give it a go,

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