Thursday, 27 October 2016

November meeting

Our next meeting will be on November 5th!

We will be looking at using paper or stationary to create pieces of delicious-ness!

It will be an opportunity to use different papers to create backgrounds or motifs to use within designs or to stand alone.
I am sure we have lots of different types of papers in our stash and don't forget you can get paper tape or yarn now too.

I have started a Pinterest board with some ideas on- just search paper in textiles on the site and you will come up with my board. I will try and add more to it before our meeting.

I have had a go at creating a paper collage to add to a piece- I am working hard on making faces of late. It is something that I enjoy doing and after many an online course- see the Life Book button on the right - I am hopefully getting better at it! I was going to stick my pieces down with bondaweb like applique but it was far too fiddly so ended up using the trusty gel medium and have stuck it all to a cheap canvas. I am hoping that I will be able to take it off the frame and sew it to a background which I am hoping to make a week on Saturday. I might break a few needles though! Best bring goggles!

Then again you could try finding some of Cas Holmes work on diaries and fabric books. Her work is wonderful if you look it up. She makes a diary or joins pieces together made out of fabrics and papers. Remember you can add and fix your pieces with different things- wires, string, clips anything we are not necessarily sew! There's also Becky Adams who is based in Penarth. She makes wonderful things from paper and might be one to look up for future workshops. We also have Pauline and her wonderful paper ideas and books that she showed us at the last meeting..... would you like us to bring anything Pauline to try things out ???

Hope that everyone will be able to attend. I'll bring lots of paper with me and I am so looking forward to seeing how we all take using this material. I have lots of ideas but putting them on or with paper (ha!) might be another thing!

I'll let you know if we need any further materials although this is a bring what you like day as we have the hall to spread out and help each other! 

Here's my face from paper although with the amount of gel medium I used it might take the machine out on Saturday !


  1. Ooh look forward to seeing this on Saturday- looks great!

  2. Thank you for commenting! I've no idea what to do with the above will welcome any help!