Sunday, 30 October 2016

Inspiration Wednesday

I have been noticing that we are including much more mixed media in our work of late and I signed up for a course this year which has been quite interesting. I joined Donna Downey's Inspiration Wednesday course earlier this year but have only just got going on it. It consists of a new video every two weeks which is basically about playing with different materials and layouts for a journal. Some of the ideas probably won't translate to fabrics but most will. I have only just got going on this year's classes as well time is always a challenge isn't it! 
But I've signed up for next year as I think the different techniques that she demonstrates are quite fun and worth a look.
It isn't that expensive I only paid £29 for next year (it's in dollars so you have to pay attention to the exchange rate). 
Here's a link to her web if you want to see what she's offering. I do like Donna, her stencils are fab and her outlook and way of working are really down to earth and inspiring. If you want to do something on mixed media that isn't so intense but much more about playing and fun then have a look.

She also does a find out Friday feature which features different artists creating pictures using limited materials and the Artist's Gang is also worth a look. Both of these features are free. 
Just thought that I'd pass on the info, if you know of any good courses or exhibitions then let us know and I'll post them for you ! 


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  2. This looks fabulous Lesley, I really enjoyed watching the video, she makes it look so easy.

    1. She does and she is so down to earth I really like her way of just playing and not worrying about what happens. It is a good course and well worth the money. I've signed up for another year!