Monday, 31 October 2016

Make a paper book!

Just to let everyone know, if you would like to make a paper book that is totally gorgeous and inspiring then Pauline has volunteered to show us how to make them! The book can be used in any way, you can add pictures to it -drawings, paintings, collage- and you could also add stitch or applique.
Pauline has generously said that she will bring all we need - thank you so much! - but if you have any bin liners or hairdryers then that would be useful. Also if anyone has any large paper clips (I think I have some!) could they bring them.

So lots to think about and do on Saturday! An amendment to the book covers that Mel is doing is to bring something that you could use to add texture to your gesso and flour. She suggests sawdust, sand, old beads, pieces of fabric, tiny pebbles whatever you think will add more texture or dimension to the book.
Mel has also asked if anyone has a paper making screen she could borrow...????

Sounds brilliant, hope to see everyone there on Saturday! I'll leave you with the penguin of positivity~! I just love him!

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