Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Roll up roll up!

Had a great day at Sheila's workshop in February. We had to create a piece of fabric from different pieces of fabric that involved pleating, tucking and of course rolling. I had great difficulty with the rolling just couldn't get my fingers to do it tight enough! But I was really pleased with the results. We used only white fabrics, thread, lace and crochet lace so we could dye the finished piece. Amazingly for once I managed to finish my piece and so was able to add some dyes. I did think that I could add some more hand stitching to it later but I don't think it needs it. I really like it as it is. Just have to display it now! Thank you Sheila it was a great day and of course in keeping with our possible theme of creating fabric. It's certainly a way that we could create a design collaboratively. We could all add a section to it or create our own separate pieces and stitch them altogether at the end. Would make a marvellous larger piece. I'm really into the fabric manipulation side of things at the moment so perhaps I might try and extend a new piece and just let it grow!
This was Sheila's piece mounted on the slate which looked amazing.
Here is mine before I dyed it. I used an old crochet doily that my mum made for me and then it just grew and grew.

Will definitely try this technique again and perhaps add it to some lace work or anything really. You could start in one place and let it take on its own path !

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