Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Embellishing day flowers!

Thank you everyone for a great last meeting. We were all busy creating our flower designs based around Sheila's workshop. Thank you so much Sheila for a great workshop and a fabulous technique. We were all very into our embellishing and for me a chance to use it as I don't really use my embellisher as much as I should. I did however manage to break a few needles and that was not because I learnt how much they cost to replace! Still I am very pleased with my finished piece and yes I more or less finished by the end of the day. I am getting good!
I chose daffodils because it was March and they are everywhere. They are my favourite flower I have to admit. But everyone chose different flowers and colours and it was all looking so amazing. I don't have any photos of everyone's work though ! It all went away before I had a chance to photograph them all. Please could you email me a photo or bring it along to the next meeting so we can all see what they look like finished. They would make an excellent exhibition all by themselves!
Here is Sheila's original first. I love lilies too but was a bit shy of drawing them ! I am not at all good drawing with the sewing machine straight off. I do like my pencil line to follow. So I drew my design out on the back of the base fabric and stitched it in reverse. It was only a line drawing so I didn't need to worry about colour of threads or textures.

This was my piece with the daffodils. I have finished it but am waiting  for my brother to cut me a length of pole so that I can hang it. I will post a photo when that's done!

This is Mel's piece I managed to photograph hers. It looks amazing I love the colours. Can't wait to see it finished Mel! Please email me a photo or bring it along to the April meeting!

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