Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Embellishing day Saturday 5th March

Greetings everyone, so sorry no posts for a while been a bit snowed under with work and everything!
But here are the requirements for Saturday's workshop with Sheila.
We are making an embellished piece so you will need......
Piece of white/cream wool blanket ( have plenty!)
Pieces of undyed scrim, any open weave cotton fabric (white/cream), fine white cream crochet, lace, scraps of white/cream wool tops , old worn cotton sheeting etc  anything you think will embellish into the blanket.
Sewing machine, free foot , extension lead, dark machine thread.
Embellishing machine ( will bring spare) 
Photo/illustration of a Lilly or flower of your choice
Water colour crayons , paintbrushes , pot for water
Pen for marking design

Looking forward to seeing everyone and having a great day embellishing and stitching!
Have a lovely week and see you Saturday

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