Friday, 22 January 2016

mixed media

Went to a wonderful class last Monday where I tried out some new mixed media techniques and paints. No stitching but then that's not all that we are about! What I really wanted to share with you is the wonderful colours that we used. It is mica powder from Prima Marketing. It is called opal magic and you get this amazing metallic lustre paint from mixing the powder with gel medium. You don't need that much just dry brush it onto your embellishments (beads, metal findings etc) and it comes up amazing. I'm sure that we could make use of it on our embellished bag night (February meeting). I'll bring some along and see what you think.

I'll bring it along to the February meeting so you can see how it really catches the light. Might be an idea to add to some of the items we are gluing onto our bags. Gives it a different dimension or look.

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