Sunday, 31 January 2016

Check out the exhibtion page!

Please look at the exhibition page for some wonderful comments left by those that saw our exhibition. It just goes to show how much an exhibition of work like ours is needed. We need to do this again..!
Well done everyone. See you Friday evening. Don't forget to check out what you need to bring which I am sure I posted somewhere on here !

I'm currently into using my colouring pencils that I bought as a treat. I do like a nice bit of colouring, not those silly books though, they are way too small and end up giving me a headache. Have been using them to try and get my faces right. Challenging myself to learn how to do folk art at the moment. I really love whimsical figures, I don't know why I just do! its very flouncy of me but I just love them. So bought the pencils recommended in my Suzi Blu book and they're not bad. They are quire soft and blend well. I used the Prismacolor pencils. I think they used to be called Karisma colour.
but here is my first journal page (I've joined this online art programme called Wanderlust, you have lots of prompts and challenges to do revolving around arty things so I have to start a journal). We had to say how we were feeling today and I was feeling tired but didn't want to do that because I thought that might not be a positive start! so went for dreamer which I am guilty of being!
I am already behind as I haven't done the second page yet (too many forms to fill in and work to sort and mount in school). I need to get a move on as the prompt to the third page is next Saturday.

See you Friday still not sure what I'm doing but will bring lots of bits and bobs and hopefully in my new bag made from Sheila's workshop! I just have to sew it up!
See you there !

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  1. Love dreamer think you might have cracked it, the face is great. Bag is great too, see you Friday. Px