Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Sheila's workshop!!!!

Had a wonderful day on Saturday stitching away at Sheila's workshop.

The piece we were all creating was a black and white piece that also involved a bit of bling in the form of some silver embellishments. A key to the day was recycling and we used a variety of different materials to create our designs.

The background was created using bubble wrap (such a versatile material!) then we added plastic bags, coffee bags, crisp bags and even flower wrapping. We had a great time heating and experimenting with different combinations of plastics, felts and heated items. Of course there was lots of stitching involved and we are all hoping to create finished wall hangings that we can show at our next meeting.

Above -Sheila's design ..... (detail)

I have lots still to do on my piece but I really like adding the different felt pieces over the top of the background and am looking to add more stitching using metallic silver. I have lots of metal pieces such as washers and cogs to add as well. I was also thinking of adding just a touch of colour maybe a steel blue or a hint of purple just to add something to the black and white as I think I may have added too much silver for the overall design!
But work in progress I shall keep going!

So far I like the following bits....

 The silver runs up through the middle, I will need to add something to this I think as I will need to keep that viewpoint flowing through the picture.
Also like the added felt bits as the stitching over the plastic bag turned out really well.

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