Sunday, 14 June 2015

Pasting and Bleaching!

Had a wonderful time using the modelling paste and then learning to bleach out colours and make books!
Big THANK YOU! to Wendy for bringing along her beautiful books and giving us a taster of how she begins to create her lovely designs.

It was great to have a play with the modelling paste. I've not finished my book cover as I made a sort of cobble path on some purple fabric and am now trying to do something with that! Spent a long time making lots of holes and stitching around them. I do like sewing over holes and making sort of a cobweb look. But will get onto the book cover sometime- perhaps one of the summer hols!

Greatly enjoyed the Brusho and bleaching process too. I was really surprised at how different the paper looked after it was all dry too. It seemed to blend together much better when it was drying. Haven't worked on it yet (too many reports to write!) but will be setting aside a few days soon to choose my colours and have another go. Using the bleach with textured stamps might work well too.

But hope that everyone has had a chance to have a play with both techniques. Perhaps you can bring them along to our next meeting in July. No agenda set for that meeting yet but will add it to the calendar as soon as I know if there is anything special you need to bring.

Also a big HELLO! to those who have joined me on the blog. Posting your own post is easy. I can show you on your phone next meeting or I can write up a little "how to " guide if you can wait until the summer hols! Oh I am going to do so much this hols! ha ha !

Here are some photos from our last meeting!
Let us know how you are getting on, post some of your finished pieces if you can!

Photo  Photo

 Photo  Photo

Bleaching! Look forward to seeing your books!

Photo  Photo  Photo

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