Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Mushroom picture finally finished!

After such a long time I think that I've finally finished my mushroom picture!
I had a bit of trouble with the sides as I didn't actually have a frame before I started just a sample that I started working on that got bigger and bigger and thicker and thicker with paint, stitching, cords and tissue paper!
So had to pad out the sides as they don't seem to make box frames in an oblong shape!

Managed to fix the stitched piece to daler board and then added more fungus pieces and beads to the card with wire. The vines or tree branches were made by creating rouleau strips and threading them with wire and cord to pad them out. I made the leaves by either hand sewing them on chiffon or machine sewing them on organza and burning the organza away to leave the stitches like skeleton leaves.

Would appreciate any comments, if I can make any adjustments or an easier way of achieving them same image !


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