Sunday, 1 November 2015

Well Autumn definitely going quickly as the leaves are disappearing from the trees around here. Have been on a wonderful trip around the Forest of Dean with my dog and we did have a lovely time rolling about in the leaves and taking lots of pictures! I'll leave you to decide who did what!

But the colours are amazing. So, so bright and inspiring. I do love all the yellows, reds and golds that you see at Autumn. Still quite warm too so lovely for walking and photographs.

Hope everyone has been busy and been crafty. I did manage to make a Halloween ornament which is new for me as I don't  normally do much on Halloween but am well into gilding waxes as they pick up so much of the texture of whatever you put them over. Also been exploring collage stuff which in my case has been stick everything I can get hold of onto a canvas and cover it in gesso! Having some problem with the colouring of it though as the cosmic shimmer mists and liquid dyes don't really take to the gesso well. They all look fab when wet but then it dries so pale. Ended up with chalk paints which I'm also loving at the moment!

Don't forget to think of some ideas for a theme for next year. I think we'll be taking suggestions and either pulling one from a hat or debating on which is the most popular. I think we could end up pulling lots from the hat if only one of us likes what we pick!

Here's to a lovely week and looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday for our Weaving Workshop with Laura Thomas.  Can't wait to take lots of photos of what everyone does!
Will update the group photos and galleries as soon as I can too!
Take care and see you Saturday!

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