Sunday, 11 October 2015

Greetings everyone!
Hope everyone has managed to get out and about, its been lovely Autumn weather of late. I've spent the afternoon with the dog trying to collect Autumn coloured leaves for work! Have massive bag which we can just throw about if we can't do anything else!

Am working on a little how to booklet for the blog so that we can all post what we are doing and what inspires us. I am very strangely quite addicted to gothic-y Halloween style items and I am enjoying putting lots of gesso on them and adding bits and bobs and painting them. Asda are selling some candlestick MDF plaques which look pretty good to dress up and add to.

Also looking a lot more into dissolvable film. Would like to do more with it plus would like to do more with plastics too! Been looking at Kathleen Laurel Sage's stuff which is fab.

Don't forget Sheila has a workshop

"Embellished Lines" Sat Nov 21st
Embellishing threads, machine stitching threads, and fibres combined with hand stitching -- book cover cushion or panel.

Sounds fabulous and I will be there ! I really don't use my embellishing machine enough. Well at all really! So hoping for some inspiration with it and then some enthusiasm to use it more often. I am so so sure that there is so much that I can do with it that I'm simply not!

Well off for a cuppa and a thriller on the telly!
Hope everyone is well, keep an eye on the blog and the calendar for any requirements for the next workshop which is with Laura Thomas ! whoop whoop, really looking forward to it !
'Colour Transitional' 2004.   'Looped Vessel', 2002 'Twilight' detail, 2002 'Treescape: magenta stripe', 2007

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