Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Paper Stitch piece

Well since I'm on here thought I would post my paper piece.
I had started to create a face using torn pieces of paper on a canvas which I quite enjoyed doing. I added a little warm colour just to the cheeks but the colour did spread out since I used the same brush for the glue!

I was worried she was a little thin in the face so I made her face a little more rounded and when I cut her out she did seem a lot better.

I created the background by just tearing lots of different types of paper and ironing them to calico using bondaweb. There were a few loose ends however but I opted to solve them by adding stitching.

I did like the rough feel of the paper. I wanted to add the face but wasn't sure where and then there was an awful lot of empty space. I had thought of adding more faces and have been quite taken by textile artists that just create line drawings in stitch. So I thought it would be interesting to just draw out the faces but not colour them so that the only colour was my torn paper girl.
I must admit that I really liked the effect and am quite taken with this line drawing in a darker thread.

The background however still needed something to fix in all the loose ends of the torn paper and something to tie it all together. So I opted to have a go at script and put it sideways to make it look more like a pattern. Also I used a brown thread to push it back into the background as I didn't want to overshadow the faces. I chose a quote by Helen Keller as I really liked it! 
It says

The best and most beautiful things in the world
 cannot be seen or even touched 
- they must be felt with the heart.

Here is the finished piece. I don't think that I want to add anything further to it.

Please let me have copies or bring along your paper stitched pieces with you to the next meeting and I can post them here. If you would like to add any commentary about how you made your piece that would be wonderful too.


  1. Saturday 7th January, very inspiring, thank you everyone, sorry I didn't stay long but I was pleased with what I did get done and even started a new piece on Sunday. See you all on the 3rd Feb.

  2. This is pretty amazing Lesley and not something I have tried before with faces! Feeling inspired! I'm popping over from Wanderlust by the way in response to your lovely comment on my artwork. Found the blog link on your profile!