Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to a wonderful New Year !
Don't forget our first meeting of the year is on January the 2nd where we will be finalising what we are going to do and need for our forthcoming exhibition at Blackwood Miners Institute.
Lots of us went to Sheila's workshop on layering and stitching with metal just before Christmas. A wonderful technique with some fabulous colours all around me. I had to sit next to those doing lots of lovely blues and purples !
I have now finished my design. I recently bought a book on how to draw faces and love all the folk art faces that I've been seeing lately. I like the simple faces and bodies and whimsical nature of the pictures so decided to make my design into a face. She did look a bit patchwork sixties at one point and still perhaps looks a bit like something from a different decade but I am quite pleased with her.


I also managed to finish my weaving from back in November!
I decided to decorate the frame and add a cream background so I didn't have to rely on having a neutral colour on the wall as it would show through.

Well wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and see you all Saturday!

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